Beginnings of the Care Farming Network



In October 2018, Red Wiggler began a concerted effort to outreach to existing Care Farms in the Mid-Atlantic area by making site visits, creating a Care Farm database, and reaching out to those Care Farms.


In October 2018, Red Wiggler, in partnership with Future Harvest CASA, produced the first-ever Mid-Atlantic Care Farming Summit attracting over 70 attendees from 7 states and Italy. Together we shared information and resources and engaged as a Care Farming community.  Watch the video here!


In post-summit survey results, 100% of participants indicated that they were interested in attending an annual regional Care Farm conference and that they were interested in sharing best practices and resources on a document portal.


Here is the agenda for the Mid-Atlantic Care Farming Summit:






In November 2019, in coordination with the Farm-Based Education Network, Red Wiggler sponsored a Social Care Farming Track during the Farm-Based Education Network Conference (FBEN Conference). As part of the organizing committee, we organized the Social Care Farming Track, hosted a Care Farming meet-up, and presented 2 sessions.




In February 2020, Red Wiggler presented at Pennsylvania-Based Sustainable Agriculture Association's (PASA) 2020 Sustainable Agriculture Conference as part of a panel exploring Therapeutic Farming.