Preparing for Your Visit 

We are looking forward to your visit to Red Wiggler Community Farm! To ensure that you are prepared for your visit, please read through the information below and share with your group.


Required Paperwork

Please be sure you have submitted your:
RWCF Group Visit Reservation Form
Memo of Understanding
Please be sure you have read over the Volunteer Policies (volunteer groups only)

What to Wear/Bring

It’s important to pack and be dressed properly for your visit to the farm.

The following is required for volunteers and recommended for tour/education participants:
- Bring/wear weather appropriate clothing that can get dirty. Layers are great!
- Long, sturdy pants
- Sturdy, closed toed shoes (required for all visitors)
- Reusable water bottle and a snack if you need it
- Sunscreen (recommended)
- Hat to shield face, neck and shoulders from the sun.

Nurturing a Respectful and Inclusive Environment

Your group will interact with individuals with and without developmental disabilities on the farm. Regardless of the individual’s abilities, it is important to treat each person with dignity. Not only does this mean speaking to everyone at an age-appropriate level, and with respect, but also recognizing their presence whenever you are with them - no matter the level of disability. If your group is coming to help us on the farm, it is important to remember that our Growers (employees with disabilities) have been paid farmers at Red Wiggler for many years and know their jobs better than those coming to visit or help on the farm. Come with the mindset that you are here to assist and learn from everyone on the farm.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your visit to Red Wiggler, please contact us directly. We are looking forward to seeing you on the farm!