Red Wiggler is for Everyone

Red Wiggler Community Farm strives to create an accessible farm environment where all our visitors feel welcome and included. We are focused on removing the obstacles to accessibility that exist on our 12-acre farm. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We make every effort to accommodate all our visitors. 

Accessible Features

  • Parking
    Paved accessible parking is available outside the upper and lower entrance to our main program space, the Murray Building. Please contact us in advance if we can help you with any specific needs.
  • Buildings
    The Murray building houses our offices, restrooms greenhouse, and program space. The entrance to the lower level is handicapped-accessible. The building does not contain an elevator. The barn has a wheelchair ramp for all visitors to use.
  • Restrooms
    Two accessible restrooms are located in the Murray Building, one on each floor.
  • Lower Pick-Your-Own
    The most accessible garden areas are the Red PYO, adjacent to the barn, and the Green PYO, adjacent to the Murray Building just outside the fence. Please pay special attention to staying on the paths and between the rows. Grass and clover can be walked on. Rows with straw or bare soil should be avoided. Visitors should refer to RWCF staff members to determine where is appropriate to walk. 
  • Navigating the Fields
    The main fields are all located within a fenced-in 7-acre area. In order to see the breadth of it, visitors have to travel up a short hill. After that point, the ground is mostly even. However, there are no paved paths and, as is the nature of grassy fields, there is sometimes uneven ground. Visitors should pay special attention to staying on the paths between the rows. Grass and clover can be walked on. Rows with straw or bare soil should be avoided. Individuals who have a tendency to wander on their own should be carefully supervised by a parent or group leader.
  • Discovery Garden
    The Discovery Garden is a specially designed demo garden for the use of educational groups. It is within the fenced field and has a wood chip surface. The garden has 2 raised beds 10 inches off the ground, 3 salad tables of different heights under which wheelchairs can be rolled and 2 picnic tables.


Accessible Programming

Red Wiggler is committed to offering quality programming on a variety of topics relating to sustainable agriculture and environmental stewardship to any individuals interested in visiting, regardless of ability. Learn more about our programming here.