Workshop Series

Red Wiggler's mission is to be a sustainable farm where people with and without developmental disabilities can come together to work, learn and grow healthy food. As a part of that mission, we offer workshops where community members can begin to learn how to preserve farm fresh food so that it not only lasts longer but also contributes to a diverse and nourishing diet.
All workshops are held on the farm and use Red Wiggler produce as much as possible.

Rachel Armistead jars veggies at her workshop.

DIY Fermentation: Beyond Cabbage Join Rachel Armistead of  
Saturday, June 16th 10am-1pm, $35

Have you heard all about the benefits of fermented foods, but don't know where to start? In this fun and informative class, you'll learn all about fermentation, probiotics, and the benefits of making your fermented veggies. Join Rachel Armistead of  The Sweet Farm as she walks you through the basics of home vegetable fermentation using produce grown at Red Wiggler Community Farm, such as carrots, beets, radishes and more. Attendees will chop, grate, salt, and mix their very own batch of veggies to ferment at home and leave with the knowledge necessary to make more batches at home. REGISTER

Packed jar of veggies.

DIY Pickling: Beyond Cucumbers
Saturday, August 18th 10am-1pm, $35

What do you think of when you hear "pickle"? Cucumbers, right? But did you know that you can pickle all sorts of summer veggies? From green tomatoes to hot peppers, zucchini to green beans, summer's bounty is full of potential pickles and relishes. Rachel Armistead, co-founder of The Sweet Farm, will guide you through the process of brining and fermenting, using produce from Red Wiggler Community Farm, such as cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and more. Attendees will leave with a how-to guide, a quart of handmade pickles or relish, and the confidence and know-how to continue fermenting all summer long! REGISTER

Snapshot of slice Kim chi ingredients.

DIY Kimchi for Every  Palate

Saturday, October 20th, $35, 10 am to Noon 

When most people think of kimchi, they think of a super spicy, bright red mix of strange vegetables buried in the ground. Which is why many people view the traditional Korean ferment suspiciously; but kimchi is a delicious, versatile ferment with many options for preparation. In this class, Rachel Armistead of The Sweet Farm will talk about all the different ways you can create and flavor your kimchi. And you'll get to make a batch to take home, just the way you like it--no burying required! REGISTER

The Sweet Farm Kraut truck.

This season's workshops are brought to you courtesy of The Sweet Farm, a family business specializing in kraut and ginger beer. They also have a sweet food truck where they serve sausages (featured at our upcoming Harvest Celebration & Silent Auction) loaded with their famous krauts. Visit their website to see where you can pick-up their tasty products.