How to Compost at Red Wiggler

Access to our compost program is included in the CSA membership fee. All CSA members are encouraged to take advantage of our recently expanded compost program. It's an easy process, and one of the simplest things you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Instead of heading to a landfill or incinerator, your food waste is composted by local sustainability partners, Compost Crew—reducing methane and creating rich fertilizer.

We try our best to make composting as simple as possible. Here’s the deal:

  • At your CSA pick-up, ask for a clean compost bin (large or small) and compostable liner.
  • Take your lined bin home and put on your countertop (small) or garage, patio, etc (large).
  • Toss your compostable materials in the bin. See The List for details.
  • Bring your full compost bin with you the following week, dump the liner and contents into the big green bins by the barn, and get a new liner. A sprayer is available if your bin needs a rinse.
  • Repeat each week of CSA, and be amazed at how much less trash you have each week!

For more information, see our recent newsletter dedicated to our new compost program.


Can I use my own bin?
Yes, since partnering with Compost Crew, we no longer require you to exchange your bin each week. So if you have a nice compost bin you want to use, feel free to use it. Depending on the size of your container, get a new small or large liner each week. Ask a staff member if you need help.

How long can I wait before bringing back my compost?
To avoid an overly smelly bin, it’s good to bring your compost either weekly (especially at the height of the summer) or every other week. However, we’ll take it no matter what!

What can I do to make it less smelly and soupy?
 While your compostables are in the bin, they are essentially rotting (a stinky process). They will not begin to really decompose (a relatively un-stinky process) until they get to the compost pile where they will have the help of the elements and decomposers. That means, bringing your compost weekly will REALLY help. Also, lining the bottom of the bin with a few sheets of (black & white, non-glossy) newspaper or dry leaves can help neutralize the odors.

Coffee grounds are one of the best things for compost but also tend to make your bin smellier. Keep your old coffee grounds in a different container until the last minute when you are ready to bring your bin back to the farm.

How much is too much?
There is no such thing! Since we partnered with Compost Crew, just about anything carbon-based is compostable. We encourage all our members to reduce their carbon footprint by composting anything they can! Check out The List for specifics on what can and cannot be composted.

My liners keep breaking! What can I do?
Compostable liners are meant to break down, so that's what they do. Some things you can do to help keep your liner intact a little longer are: (1) make sure your bin is clean and dry before you line it, (2) lay some newsprint, paper towels or kraft paper at the bottom of the liner to absorb moisture, (3) minimize liquids and very juicy items in your compost, and (4) don't use a liner at all! That's right, if you empty and wash your container every week, it shouldn't smell or get too gross.

Any more questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask. Can’t find a bin that is clean or meets your needs? Ask us! We’ll do our best to accommodate! Contact: csa@redwiggler.org