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Red Wiggler serves youth and adults with and without disabilities through activities supporting the cultivation and distribution of organic vegetables. Through our programs, Red Wiggler serves over 300 adults with disabilities, 100 youths with disabilities, and 250 youths without disabilities. In addition, the vegetables grown by our participants reach the plates of individuals throughout Montgomery County, including group home residents and community members receiving support from Manna Food Center.

Grower Program

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Employment and vocational training for adults with developmental disabilities.
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Red Wiggler grows organic vegetables that are sold and donated to the community.
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Red Wiggler hosts tours, field trips, and educational programming for schools and community groups.
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Service Learning/Volunteering


Volunteers are essential team members at Red Wiggler. Come with a group or on your own!
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Internships provide hands-on training and experience in small-scale sustainable agriculture.
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Sustainable Agriculture

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Red Wiggler is USDA certified organic and uses other sustainable growing practices.
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